About Endlos



About Endlos

Who We are

The ENDLOS conglomerate was established in 2016, located in Ahmedabad, India. ENDLOS encompasses a collection of enterprises operating across various industries. Our flagship companies are Endlos Innovations Private Limited, Endlos Technologies Private Limited, and Endlos Hospitality. We design, develop and manufacture Innovative Products and services in various segments with our core belief in “The ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES '' of solutions.

Endlos Innovation is considered the Best RVM machine manufacturer in India. Being a solid waste management company, Our principal offerings comprise recycling machines that cover a range of plastic bottle recycling solutions, organic waste composting solutions and digital payment-based product vending solutions, such as

  • Reverse Vending Machines
    1. RVMs for Deposit Return Scheme (Container Deposit Law)
    2. Pet bottle recycling machine
    3. Plastic bottle crushing machine
  • Organic Waste Composting Machine
    1. Custom Vending Machine
      1. Mask Vending Machine
      2. Pet bottle recycling machine
      3. Rice Vending Machine

    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to offer eco-friendly products and services that are cutting-edge and long-lasting and help make the world a better place. To solve the escalating environmental issues our society faces, we work to be the industry leader in eco-friendly goods and services.

    Our Vision

    Our Vision

    We believe in “The Endless Possibilities” of development with conservation of natural resources, reduces waste, and protects the environment for coming generations. In the future, we want to see our goods and services consumed broadly and help build a more circular and sustainable economy.

    Core Values


    Being transparent is part of our DNA. We believe in transparency in the transactions we make.


    We serve as trusted advisors for our partners, customers, and employees.

    Customer Success

    As our clients, partners, as well as our employees, expand, so too do we.


    We celebrate creativity and promote collaboration for innovation

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