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RVM DRS 22 is unique with its robust sorting capabilities and increased storage capacity.. It’s designed for accepting Plastic, Aluminium and Glass containers for countries with Deposit Return Scheme or Container Deposit Law.

Deposit Return System Compliance

The RVM DRS 22 is designed to meet the requirements of deposit return systems. It is equipped with advanced container recognition technologies to accurately identify and handle refundable containers, such as beverage bottles and cans, ensuring compliance with deposit return regulations.

High-Volume Capacity

The RVM DRS 22 is built to handle large volumes of refundable containers. It is designed for busy retail environments, recycling centers, and bottle return facilities where there is a significant flaw of deposit return containers. Its high-capacity storage ensures continuous operation without frequent requirement of emptying the bin.

Advanced Container Recognition and Sorting

Equipped with advanced recognition and sorting technology, the RVM DRS 22 can efficiently identify and sort a variety of refundable containers, including plastic beverage bottles, cans, and glass containers.It ensures accurate processing and reduces the risk of errors or contamination.

Interactive Display

It serves as a platform for dynamic advertisements, enabling effective commercialization through video content displayed on the screen. Moreover, it becomes a powerful tool for raising awareness about recycling and its significance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

The RVM DRS 22 is equipped with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing operators to track usage, monitor collection levels, and analyze data on deposit return operations. This data-driven approach enables efficient management, timely maintenance, and informed decision-making.

Integration Capabilities

The RVM DRS 22 can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) systems or recycling management platforms. This integration enables synchronized data exchange and streamlined operations, enhancing the overall efficiency of deposit return processes.

Energy-efficient process cooler

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360 Degree Barcode Scanning

RVM DRS 11 is equipped with a cutting-edge 360-degree barcode scanner, which adeptly reads barcodes regardless of their angle or speed in normal use, ensuring seamless and rapid processing. It increases the hourly recycling rate resulting in quick operations with higher reliability.

Fraud Detection System

Engineered with state of the art fraud detection technology, It is adept at identifying and eliminating any attempts to obtain vouchers without genuine container insertion. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our solution acts as a solid defense against fraudulent activities.

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Dashboard for Data Analytics

Uncover recycling trends with our analytics dashboard which is crafted out of machine count, container data, user details, selected vouchers and many more for insightful waste management strategies. It can be integrated with third party APIs to redeem deposit balance.


The Model also offers a choice between two different container processing options: Compactor and Shredder. It is mostly decided based on the setup of recycling facility in the region hence. With the ability to customize the machine's functionality, we ensure that your recycling solution aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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IoT Connected

RVM DRS 11, an IoT-connected marvel in which one can Gain complete control, operation, and maintenance capabilities through remote access. Seamlessly update the system by adding new barcodes to the admin dashboard; this adjustment promptly synchronizes across all deployed machines. Branch owners benefit from transparent insights, accessing detailed transaction logs. It streamlines management, enhances efficiency, and ensures up-to-date functionality across the board.

Anti Jamming Technology

Anti Jamming Technology is setting a new standard in recycling safety and minimum machine downtime. This innovative feature acts as a safeguard against potential damage arising due to intentional feeding of rigid items such as metal objects. Ensuring the safety of the internal mechanism, it guarantees secure and reliable operation. In the event of a jam, the system initiates an auto-reverse function, swiftly and autonomously resolving the jamming situation without the need for manual intervention.

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Printer for voucher printing

An integrated voucher printer adds a valuable dimension to its capabilities. Post every transaction, it generates vouchers that includes a comprehensive overview of the cumulative data for that specific transaction. With this printer, the machine not only ensures an accurate record of user transactions but also contributes to the overall efficiency of waste management operations.

Preventive Maintenance System

Leveraging the extensive data we accumulate, we employ cutting-edge AI technology to establish a robust Preventive Maintenance System. This system proactively identifies patterns and anomalies in machine performance, enabling us to predict and address potential issues before they escalate. Through this innovative approach, we ensure optimal machine functionality, minimize downtime, and uphold a seamless recycling experience.

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Dual Separate Storage Bin

The machine stores containers according to their material type after sorting, ensuring optimal treatment for recycling. With precision, it directs each material to its designated bin, enabling effective and specialized recycling processes. This upgraded version maximizes resource recovery, minimizing waste and contributing to a more sustainable recycling ecosystem.

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