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An upgraded version of the Reverse Vending Machine, the RVM Pro is made to take empty aluminum and plastic containers for the markets without container deposit law. With incentives and awareness-raising, its interactive display promotes recycling among users. It can be purchased with a shredder or compactor options, and its Internet of Things connectivity guarantees data accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.

Key Features

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Conveyor System

Containers can be easily moved from the user to the compactor thanks to its intuitive design. This protects the machine's parts from potential harm and improves user safety by removing direct contact with moving parts. Our conveyor system guarantees a safe and easy recycling process for users as well as the machine itself by prioritizing efficiency and safety.

Weight based recognition

It makes sure that only valid containers are accepted by precisely weighing each one, hence rejecting filled containers or undesired things. By doing this, you may prolong the machine's lifespan by protecting it from potential liquid-related problems and avoid any unpleasant smells that could result from liquid waste. This cutting-edge innovation puts overall efficiency, cleanliness, and machine life first.

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Interactive Display

The platform facilitates dynamic ads, hence enabling effective commercialization through the display of video content on the screen. Additionally, it turns into an effective instrument for promoting recycling and its importance. Furthermore, by enabling consumers to interact with the machine through the touch display, they may choose their preferred offers and vouchers, which can all be customized to suit their interests.


Additionally, the Compactor and Shredder are the two alternatives for container processing that the Model offers. The configuration of the recycling facilities in the area has a major role in the decision. We guarantee that your recycling facilities will receive the material processed from our machine in their preffered process.

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Bin-Full Mechanism

The Bin Full Notification feature of RVM-Pro improves its operating effectiveness. The machine stops taking new bottles when the storage bin fills up. This guarantees the internal mechanism's lifespan and safety. In order to minimize machine downtime, a prominent "Bin Full" indicator simultaneously alerts users to the need to empty the bin right away.

Anti Jamming Technology

A new benchmark for recycling safety and minimal machine downtime is being set by Anti Jamming Technology. This novel feature serves as a protective measure against possible harm resulting from purposeful feeding of inflexible materials, including metal objects. It ensures dependable and safe operation by safeguarding the internal system. When a jam occurs, the system triggers an auto-reverse feature, which quickly and automatically clears the obstruction without requiring human assistance.

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