Organic Waste Composter

Organic Waste Composter

Introducing our range of Organic Waste Composters (OWCs), designed to efficiently manage and convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. Choose from our selection, including the END OWC 50, END OWC 100, END OWC 300, END OWC 500, and END OWC 1000, to find the perfect composting solution for your needs.



The END OWC 50 is a compact and space-efficient composter suitable for smaller-scale organic waste management. It is ideal for residential homes, small businesses, and community gardens. Despite its smaller size, the END OWC 50 delivers effective composting performance with its controlled environment and automatic process.

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The END OWC 100 offers a slightly larger capacity, making it suitable for small to medium-sized establishments, as a reverse vending machine for public places such as cafes, restaurants, and schools. It provides efficient composting of organic waste, including food scraps and kitchen leftovers. The END OWC 100 is designed for easy operation and maintenance, ensuring hassle-free composting.

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The END OWC 300 is a versatile and robust organic waste composter machine suitable for a wide range of applications. It is designed for medium-sized establishments, such as hotels, hospitals, and universities, that generate a moderate amount of organic waste. The END OWC 300 offers customizable settings for different waste volumes and composting durations, allowing for flexibility in composting operations.

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The END OWC 500 is a high-capacity composter suitable for larger establishments, including industrial kitchens, food processing facilities, and commercial composting sites. With its advanced composting technology, the END OWC 500 efficiently processes substantial volumes of organic waste. It is designed for durability and reliability, ensuring continuous composting operations.

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END OWC 1000

The END OWC 1000 is our largest composter, designed for high-volume organic waste management. It is ideal for large-scale facilities, such as shopping centres, municipalities, and food manufacturing plants. The END OWC 1000 provides efficient decomposition and can handle significant quantities of organic waste, producing large amounts of high-quality compost.

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Contact us today to discuss your organic waste management needs and explore the options available, including the END OWC 50, END OWC 100, END OWC 300, END OWC 500, and END OWC 1000. Together, let's embrace responsible waste management and harness the power of composting.

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