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For the Non-Deposit Market, RVM Eco is a small, economical solution that can take empty plastic and metal containers. It works well in any setting where recycling activities may be motivated without the need for incentives. Due to its modest size, it is perfect for public areas, workplaces, supermarkets, and educational institutions.

Key Features

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Anti-Jamming Technology

Anti Jamming Technology is setting a new standard in recycling safety and minimum machine downtime. This innovative feature acts as a safeguard against potential damage arising due to intentional feeding of rigid items such as metal objects. Ensuring the safety of the internal mechanism, it guarantees secure and reliable operation. In the event of a jam, the system initiates an auto-reverse function, swiftly and autonomously resolving the jamming situation without the need for manual intervention.

Bin-Full Notification

RVM-Eco's Bin Full Notification feature increases it’s operational efficiency. When the storage bin reaches capacity, the machine stops accepting new bottles. This ensures the safety and longevity of the internal mechanism. Simultaneously, a clear "Bin Full'' indication prompts users to promptly empty the bin, to ensure minimum machine downtime.

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Easy Movability

For corporate environments or closed premises where frequent transition between indoor and outdoor spaces or relocation within the facility is required, four wheels provided at its base ensures effortless mobility.

Compaction or Shredding

The Model also offers a choice between two different container processing options: Compactor and Shredder. It is mostly decided based on the setup of recycling facilities in the region hence This flexibility underscores our commitment to tailoring the machine to precisely meet each customer's unique needs and preferences. With the ability to customize the machine's functionality, we ensure that your recycling solution aligns perfectly with your requirements. The RVM Eco offers a practical and economical solution for businesses and organizations looking to promote recycling and sustainability in smaller-scale settings. By incorporating the RVM Eco into your establishment, you can encourage responsible waste disposal habits and contribute to a greener future. Contact us today to learn more about the RVM Eco and how it can be tailored to meet your specific recycling needs. Above images are for reference only. Endlos has the right to modify the specification and features based on the custom requirement.

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